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Welcome to EHP!

East Hollywood Productions is all and only about telling GOOD STORY! 

We are EAST of Hollywood currently located in the Midwest, but not tied to one address. And we are on a search for character, concept, cause.

The company began as a stage production company sharing original story with a video backdrop in the Madison and Milwaukee communities. Though we strongly believe in the merit of Theater and live performance we found it increasingly difficult to let go when the production was done and the story became only a memory of a good performance. We are now a film production company, pulling in many years, ideas, characters inside film that stands alone.

In 2010 we made the switch from playwrighting to screenwriting.  We entered "POETEASE" in some international competitions and found there was an interest in our kind of story. From that validation, we found some courage to step into production.

"INSIDE DUTCH" is an experimental short  with a twist of sound and image that provides a compelling story for our audience. We used a local cast and had just about no budget but the talent and beauty of this work of art made it something we are proud to share. This film is now out in competition and has already been selected in two impressive film festivals. Check out the Inside Dutch page for details.

We have completed filming our second short film late summer 2014. "OUR CROSSINGS" is now in post production. We hope to be able to get this film out into film festival competition early 2015. Check out our page.

We have just completed a pilot for a series we have entitled, "STILLS". It is based on the main character from POETEASE, a photographer, poet who seeks out characters to snap for a high end publication that deals with social issues and presents the beauty of human form. The subject is a current topic that we believe will fair well in the market.

We have just completed another feature film script entitled, "WHERE I GO". The story took two years to complete and we believe would make an epic film.  As news develops, we will post it on our page.

Our Mission is simply to tell  good story with solid characters, strong plot, and an important message. We will do that inside scripts and as we can, in actual productions. We have a different view and slowly but surely that view is finding an audience.

If you are interested in getting involved with EHP as talent or story contributor, get back to us.  There is a contact tab to get us connected.  We will always welcome acting talent, and good story.  If you want to play here upon our stage, and be preserved in our film come share your gift and become a member of...

East Hollywood Productions

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